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Beer: A Sports Drink?

October 9th, 2017 Posted by Cathryn 0 thoughts on “Beer: A Sports Drink?”

Beer, a sports drink. You heard that right! Believe it or not non-alcoholic beer is a favorite of many athletes when they are looking for post workout-rehydration.

Here are a few reasons why non-alcoholic beer blows “sports drinks” out of the water when it comes to optimal recovery.

Typical sports drinks contain anywhere from 35-40 grams of artificial sugar. That’s the same as a soda! Near bear boasts a very low sugar content, often times with no sugar at all.  As an athlete we know your careful with what you consume, why waste the calories and sugar content.

Speaking of calories, low alcohol beer has significantly less than your average sports drink.

Similar to sugar, non-alcoholic beer has about 50% less carbs than your typical sports drink.

Can you pronounce everything on the back of a sports drink? I know I can’t. Beer without alcohol has the same ingredients as alcoholic beer; water, barley, yeast, and hops. Au Naturale.

Health Benefits
Did you know beer is actually good for you? When you remove the alcohol, beer becomes more akin to a health beverage. Beer contains vitamins, micronutrients, and polyphenols.  There have been multiple studies done on non-alcoholic beer and rapid hydration, electrolyte recovery, and improved immune response. Don’t believe us? Read about non-alcoholic beer and marathon recovery here.

So next time you work up a sweat, go ahead, grab a beer. Non-alcoholic, that is.