I’m a highly organised professional … honest!

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Presented at a conference this morning. Put my PowerPoint on a USB stick, and checked a million times it was in my pocket. Then, just as I was about to walk out the door, got the bright idea to download a flash application to show – gotta use colour and movement with those academics. Site was down, didn’t download a thing… and you see where this is going.

Get to the conference half an hour early to set up, check the pocket… and the USB is still plugged in at home. Home is out of the question, but the PowerPoint was made at work. The conference is at another uni across town from my uni, so… Walk out the door and up a massive hill in the 40 C heat, jump on the bike, snake across town at speed, buy a new USB, load the presentation, race back… and make it in time.

Wander into the room, start setting up… and someone lets me know I’m in N417 and should be in N419. Wander down the hall, set up, present with a minimum of stress.

An adrenalised ride across town is more fun that sitting in the preceding conference session any time, and apparently my subconscious knows it.