Just in case you thought, for a moment, that ‘Lord’ Monckton was credible…

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George Monbiot gives the overview in the Guardian

Here’s John Abrahams’ actual presentation, slides and audio: http://www.stthomas.edu/engineering/jpabraham/ It’s about 67 minutes, so set aside some time, but it’s a worthwhile watch, partly because it will help you learn some science, and because he’s not about telling you what to believe, but about empowering you to search out the evidence for yourself

On Evidence

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The ‘no evidence would convince you’ argument – usually bolstered with the relevant texts – from Christians wears a bit thin, particularly when those making it claim that no evidence would convince them to change their views.

Those of us compelled to follow the evidence are deluged in it every day… but it’s evidence that, if God exists at all, He does not fit the advertising. It’s not a case of waiting around for the once-in-a-lifetime miracle, it’s a case of seeing the world around us, day in and day out, as a cascade of evidence. If God was there and acting as advertised, it could not help but show… but it doesn’t, so either He’s not there or He’s not acting as advertised.

Bad News and Good News

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First, one of the candidates for Australian Prime Minister – election coming up this Saturday – believes warming has stopped:


I’m not a one-issue voter, and there are plenty of other reasons to oppose him anyway, but this level of plain disconnect from reality in itself disqualifies him for the job in my opinion.

On the other hand, though: