PZ Myers – Decent Human Being

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This post will be irrelevant to you if you’re not up to speed on the Rebecca Watson – Richard Dawkins kerfuffle. If you’re in the blogosphere at all – or even read a decent newspaper – though, you have probably heard something about it.

This is PZ riffing on the whole topic, but his responses throughout have been pitch-perfect demonstrations of thoughtful, considerate manhood: the kind of thing I aspire to.


Religious Stuff

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It’d be nice if everyone, on all sides, could show more respect for other viewpoints and more respect for the truth.

It’s what I increasingly come to: I’m not advocating for or against any particular view, I’m advocating for truth and honesty. By all means disagree with someone, but don’t lie or distort the evidence to do so. And even if you’re not lying but honestly mistaken, accept clarifications in the spirit of an honest desire for truth.

I try to do likewise, and am happy to have it pointed out when I’m falling short of that aspiration.

Second Life

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Seen lots of presentations over the years about its educational use. Still to be convinced.