Spooky Synchronicity – Part… many

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So I got an invitation to a party in Edmonton in my email this morning. But it was odd – I didn’t know the sender, or any of the other recipients. It was a private party and seemed to be a celebration of winning a silver medal in … some form of athletic endeavour with teams of 25 people.

Looking back through the email history a bit I noted that there was a ‘David Gee’ in an earlier email, and that most of the people worked at the University of Alberta. I also noticed that the email had been sent to my University of Alberta email address and automatically forwarded to me.

So my best guess is that someone was looking for David Gee’s email address on the U of A database and slipped and hit mine instead. OK, that makes sense.

But here’s the spooky part: I’ll have been out of Edmonton, back in Australia, for well over 2 years by the time I return there for a conference next month. The conference is on the 16th to the 19th of October, and I’m there for a day each side.

And the party is on the evening of the 18th of October…

2 responses to “Spooky Synchronicity – Part… many”

  1. Dawn says:

    Well, that is spooky and a fine coincidence. I suggest you come party at our house instead;-). Not that we are so exciting and all. I suppose however, if you want to see more than us, a bigger venue would be in order.

  2. Bravus says:

    Oh, I definitely plan on hanging out at your place if you’ll have me! Scene of many happy memories of Canada, it’d be remiss not to revisit.

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