Black Metal Chaser

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You might have heard of a ‘unicorn chaser‘. The idea is that, if you see something truly horrible on the web, you might need to go and look at something lovely and soothing – something like a unicorn – to cleanse the mental palate.

I tend to have the opposite reaction though: if I’m subjected to some saccharine Christian music, or the shopping-centre Christmas carol overload, or some repetitive and content-free pop… I need to seek out the most extreme, discordant, shrieking music possible. A black metal chaser…

Feel free to share your preferred chasers here – what is it that leaves the bad taste, and what do you use to wash it away?

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  1. What is it that leaves the bad taste? I’d have to say putting up with hour after hour of High school musical, twilight and bring it on that my sister watches.

    Having posted that video though I now realise that I actually enjoy belting it out myself than listening to it when I’m in need of a chaser. It’s good to be back in the same town as my beloved stack.

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