From Our Customers - Bravus Brewing Company



I’ve been looking for a healthy alternative to traditional craft beer for a while now. My goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and I need to keep my mind and body in its best shape, which means staying sober. When I’m training in 100 degree weather, alcohol is bad news. There just wasn’t a non-alcoholic beer on the market that approached the flavor of a good IPA, so I gave up drinking beer altogether.  Thanks to Bravus I can have a hop filled IPA after my practice runs, and not have the effects of alcohol.


I’ve been in recovery for 5 years now. When you have been a non-alcoholic drinker for as long as I have, you become very familiar with the choices out there. Countless times I’ve ordered an N/A beer at a bar and had the waiter reply ‘A what? Ugh, I can get you a water.’ Frankly, before Bravus, the options were pretty bleak. Its nice to finally have a non-alcoholic craft beer I can enjoy when I’m at a restaurant near me or having a dinner at home that tastes as good as an alcoholic IPA.


A non-alcoholic craft IPA, finally! I’m am avid craft beer fan, and always excited for the latest special release IPA breweries have to offer, but some times a 7-8% brew is just not an option. I go to yoga and beer at a local establishment every Sunday and after a sweat, I opt to enjoy a low-alcohol beer. The session IPA trend has been great, and now having non-alcoholic craft beer option, I know it’s going to become my go to beer. I’ve got some yogi friends that didn’t approve of the yoga-beer combo. To have an N/A for us to drink together is awesome.


The two things I missed most while being pregnant with our first child were sushi and beer. I lived without the sushi but the beer was tough. I ultimately had to resort to either Sharps or O’Douls and as you know they leave a lot to be desired. Well, I’m pregnant with number 2 but this time I around I am fortunate to have found Bravus non-alcoholic IPA. All I can say is wow…this is going to make the next 9 months a lot more bearable!