I’m not antiChristian

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I am antibigotry, antihomophobia, antiprejudice, antipedophilia, antisexism, antiracism and so on. And when I see Christians being pro… any of those things, I’ll call them on it. When I see them ascribing it to their faith, I’ll call them on it even more.

As I said to Matt the other day, though, I still regard that as critiquing ‘my side’.


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A few years ago Trisha Goddard (who as far as I know now hosts a very trashy Jerry Springer style TV talk show in the UK) completed a stint on TV in Australia for a couple of years, and in leaving called Australia “the most racist country in the world”.

I thought she was wrong then, and I think she’s wrong now, but have a gander at the Comments section below this newspaper article: http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/national/burqas-are-confronting-and-i-wish-fewer-people-wore-them-says-tony-abbott/comments-fn5z3z83-1225901091959