I’m not antiChristian

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I am antibigotry, antihomophobia, antiprejudice, antipedophilia, antisexism, antiracism and so on. And when I see Christians being pro… any of those things, I’ll call them on it. When I see them ascribing it to their faith, I’ll call them on it even more.

As I said to Matt the other day, though, I still regard that as critiquing ‘my side’.

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  1. Bravus says:

    You can add xenophobia, nationalism, laissez-faire capitalism, militarism, merchants-in-the-temple syndrome, death penalty supporting, woman-oppressing and probably a few more to the list of things that I’m agin and I’m seeing way too much of from ‘Christians’ these days.

    Thing is, I reckon Jesus (in the words we have recorded from him personally, I mean, not the whole Bible) is with me on pretty much every point.

  2. Bravus says:

    Incidentally (at the risk of pumping my own comment numbers), my friend Neil Kelly the other day asked why I use the scare quotes around ‘Christians’: am I buying into the whole ‘the people who do these things are not real Christians’ myth that I’ve ranted about here before?

    I dunno, maybe I am, but what I *think* I’m doing is reserving the term ‘Christian’ for those who actually follow Christ’s teachings, as opposed to allowing it to anyone who chooses to adopt it for themselves. Maybe it’s not a mainstream usage, but I think it’s a defensible one.

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