Science and Politics

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It’s not *necessarily* the case that those on the right politically have to be anti-science: indeed, conservatism has typically supported science. This is a very disturbing trend.


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  1. Mark says:

    That seems like a very perceptive article. It may not be as disturbing as you think – the roots of the attitude don’t seem as deep at they may appear. The anti-science attitude is from group-identity, not the core philosophy.

    Plus it is good that people can question some aspects of science, or rather the scientific establishment. Embryonic stem-cell research is the touch-paper issue that keeps on promising, while there are other ways to get stem cells that, I think, have already delivered.

    The disturbing thing to me is the hermetic sealing of group identities, which we saw in the discussion of the extension of federal loans, leading to the famous tea-party downgrade. If the two parties can’t really listen to each other, that I think is a reason for concern.

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