I Don’t Really Want To Talk About Rape

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…but I think we need to. It’s in the international zeitgeist a bit, between the Steubenville case in the US (which this link is all about) and a second very nasty gang-rape in India.

This post does a great job on discussing alcohol (other kinds of impairments are left as an exercise for the reader) and consent in a frank and clear way: http://freethoughtblogs.com/crommunist/2013/03/19/steubenville-consent-alcohol-and-me-my-stories-of-sexual-non-quest/

Fear and loathing and hatred of women by men who perceive themselves to be powerless seems to be an underlying theme. It’s not mainly about women being, looking or dressing sexy – except in the sense that men may therefore feel as though those women are or ought to be their property. They aren’t, they are their own. It shouldn’t need saying, but apparently it does.

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