What the ‘Left Behind’ books are really about

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The guy is a bit vitriolic, and maybe overstates the case… but a form of Christianity that gloats, rather than grieves, at the death of non-Christians is (a) unChristian and (b) deeply scary when it’s dominant in the world’s sole superpower.

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  1. RobW says:

    Seen the Baylor Religion Survey? Apparently 31% of Americans believe in an authoritarian God (i.e. engaged and judgemental). There’s a question about the Left Behind. Interestingly the percentage of people who have read them decreases with age. The religious / political correlations are also interesting (nothing involving LB, unfortunately), and some strange questions about The Da Vinci Code.

    Got this from the nonist.

  2. Bravus says:

    Excellent leads to interesting reads – thanks Rob.

    (And I’ve been enjoying very much the recent activity at Trenchant Lemmings – your missives don’t go unloved by me.)

  3. LifeMasque says:

    Thanks for the link. I like Mr B’s style, sort of centerist-P J O’Rourke (who I enjoy but I
    find it difficult to stomach his championing of Bush). All such “Christians” who would
    slavver over the disembowelment of heretics and unbelievers would be in for a rude shock
    on Judgment Day as *I* imagine it to be.

    I suppose with fundies it’s a bit pointless asking what happened to Love Thine Enemy,
    rotating ones cheeks, Vengence is MINE sayeth the Lord and so forth. They seem to pick
    and chose peices of the old and new testaments as they please. I am sure that if they
    were allowed to stone adulterers (Such as Jimmy Swaggart) and homosexuals to death, they
    would gladly, nay, enthusiastically do so. Someone should tell them that they are, in fact,
    practising ancient Judaism in this, NOT Christianity. Why are they not then still smearing
    the blood of an unblemished lamb upon the horns of the altar?

    I am quietly confident that God, as I see him, loathes smug selfrighteousness, hypocracy,
    malice and spiritual vanity like the plagues of Egypt.

    It is hard not to be guilty myself of aportioning the same loathing to these types of
    fundamentalist Christian. But hey, I’m not perfect. I have a shameful penchant for seeing
    folk being done by as they seek to do.


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