Don't Shave, Drink Beer: Our Twist on No-Shave November

Don't Shave, Drink Beer: Our Twist on No-Shave November

It’s No-Shave November, or didn’t you hear? This month, the Bravus family is growing out our mustaches and beards in solidarity with cancer patients who may have lost their luscious locks. By embracing our hair, we celebrate and acknowledge the battle cancer patients endure every day.

But of course, we had to put a little spin on this annual tradition. With Bravus, you don’t need to have hair to participate in No-Shave November. Simply, drink one of our premium, non-alcoholic craft beers out of your favorite cup, and give yourself a foam mustache. 

Put down that razor and pick up a can. Giving yourself a foam mustache is a silly way to join in on the trend. Plus, you don’t need to be a man, albeit a hairy one, to participate in this month’s festivities. 

Passing the time with buddies, taking photos, and drinking great non-alcoholic beer is something nobody could complain about. Plus, you may just be featured on our Instagram account.

Bravus prides itself on being a great beer for anyone at any time (have you heard of our motto?). Under 100 calories, specifically curated to be gluten reduced and reworked to give beer lovers that authentic ale-taste, our beer can be drunk during pregnancy, during your lunch hour, after your workout and out with friends.

Now, Bravus invites those who could not participate in No-Shave November to join in on the fun. Need some examples? Check out these pics of our favorite foam-staches so far.


For more information on No-Shave November and what you can do to help, check out these resources. 

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