The Best Beer and Food Pairings for your Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

The Best Beer and Food Pairings for your Memorial Day Weekend BBQ

Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer, ushering in the season of barbecues, beers, and long sun-drenched days outdoors. While the menu for a Memorial Day barbecue might look a little different from one person to the next, we're highlighting some of the tried and true favorites and beer styles that best complement the flavors in these classic dishes. Ready to get cooking?

Here are the beers you should be drinking with your Memorial Day barbecue. 

Seafood Loves Blonde Ales

Grilled fish demands a lighter style of beer. If you're grilling salmon or getting fancy and serving up lobster or crab po'boys (okay, we're jealous now), the vibrant citrusy, crisp apple and biscuit notes of our Blonde Ale take seafood to the next level. But it's not just les fruits de mer that shine with our Blonde Ale. That ultra-refreshing profile is stellar with chicken skewers, veggie burgers, and grilled fruit salads. Pro tip: grilled peaches and Blonde Ale make a wickedly good pairing. 

Spice and IPA All the Way 

Some folks like it hot, and who could blame them? For those who like it hot, you may want to try a South Carolina mustard sauce (which is famous for its tangy-spicy and ever so slightly sweet flavor) or a generous helping of Sriracha mayo to liven up your bbq. Pair this with our IPA to soothe your taste buds while refreshing your palate between bites. Our IPA also pairs nicely with fried chicken to give your guests some variety. 

Sweet BBQ Sauces and Oatmeal Stout 

For sweeter sauces (think Kansas City-style BBQ sauce, the kind that's so good generously brushed onto a rack of ribs), we love sipping on a rich oatmeal stout. The chocolate, caramel, and molasses notes in our Oatmeal Stout offer a like-for-like pairing that even the most dedicated lager lovers will find hard to resist. And when it's time for dessert, you can't go wrong with oatmeal stout and chocolate. 

Amber Ale: BBQ's Favorite Beer 

When it comes to barbecue, there's nothing like a perfectly chilled amber ale. There's something about those gorgeous malty caramel and toasted biscuit notes that bring out the best in grilled meats. Amber ale is our go-to for smoky pork ribs, sausages, and grill jerk chicken. Steak with chimichurri? Amber ale is a must. And for any of you vegetarians and vegans out there, the clean, bright hoppiness and caramel notes of our amber ale are a perfect pairing for pulled jackfruit tacos and grilled corn on the cob.  

Check out the Bravus store online to find your favorite non-alcoholic craft beer for Memorial Day or to find a retailer near you. 

Happy barbecuing!  

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